Hold on to the feeeeeeliiiing.

Yesterday I did the loveliest reading in the honors commons at U of H!  Readings are one of my favorite ways to connect to an audience.  It’s like the writers’ version of a rock show.  It makes me feel all amped up and happy.  Especially since there are so many talented writers in the Houston area. 

If your writing/work/art/favorite hobby could be encompassed by a song title, which song would it be?  I think mine would Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. 


A brisk jog!

This animation is made by an artist from Melbourne named Neil Sanders!  I picked it up from here.
I love the way this little dude runs

This is my inspiration and prompt for the day.  What does it inspire you to write?

It gave me a neat little nano fiction piece.  Sometimes it’s good to step back from your serious pieces and just have a bit of surrealist fun.

Me in a Nutshell… A Rather Large Nutshell. Perhaps a Coco de Mer.

I’m a writer.  I have a small evergreen tree that I’ve named Yoda because it’s tiny and green. I also enjoy artistic pursuits.

My first novel, One out of Five Items that Adeline Stein Left on the Bus on the Way to the Zoo, is now available on Amazon.

I’m on the Facebooks (or, as I like to call it, the Tome of Visages)
Here’s my page for One out of Five Items that Adeline Stein Left on the Bus on the Way to the Zoo.
This is my writer page, and here’s my Twitter.

My character, Adeline Stein, is also on the Tome of Visages, as well as a Twitter and this is the page I’ve got to gather proof that Addy exists.  Feel free to submit whatever proof you find to are.you.addy@gmail.com

This is a lot of websites.  But I wanted to put all my links in one basket, so to speak, so they can rattle and hatch into healthy, fluffy baby linklets. Anyway, this is me.  And this blog is to keep me writing, and to keep me plugged in with the other writers.