Art Thoughts in Order of Frequency

  1. Is that blood or paint on my finger? (Yes.)
  2. Is that a bruise or is it marker on my arm? (Yes.)
  3. Is my skin peeling off or is it glue on my wrist? (Let’s not tug too hard at this loose thread.)
  4. This paint/clay/sharpie/glue is on my face/in my hair, isn’t it? (Always.)
  5. Ouch! Crap crap crap crap crap, no, no I’m good, I’m not bleeding, I’ll be fine.
  6. …nevermind. There’s the blood.
  7. How far can I push it before I’m not making this art piece better anymore and I absolutely ruin it?
  8. Do I still have fingerprints or did the hot glue gun finally jump-start my career as a cat burglar?
  9. I need to stop biting my nails so I can actually dig into this without my fingertips hurting.
  10. Where is my paintbrush/pen/stylus/other paintbrush?
  11. …how has it been eight hours?
  12. Did I have a life before this project?
  13. Annnd my favorite sewing needle disappeared again.
  14. I found it!
  15. Is it mixed media if it include tears?