A Home in Hipsteronia

I’ve always adored the hipster aesthetic.  If I could make myself care a whit about what I looked like or, you know, design, I’d be a hipster.  I’m all over it.  Natural wood, groovy dudes with tattoos, record players, I think all that stuff is gravy on the meatloaf of awesome.  My sister and her husband are hipsters, but they’re the rare breed of Effortlessus Hipsteradium.  It’s just what they gravitate to and they make it seem weightless and natural.

This is them at their wedding:


Look at them!  It’s like they hopped out of a fairy tale!

k and c

It’s all on a shoestring budget, going to resale shops, or making it themselves, finding the thing that fits their lives.

photo 1

photo 2

This is their front door.  They fabric painted the burgundy seat themselves.

photo 4

Maps and Disney movies.

photo 5

Pictures in a jar of oil, dried flowery things, old books.  It’s like they do all the rocking things I see on Pinterest and they do it well.  (Instead of making cool stuff I muck about on the computer.)

photo 6

Blankets for if you get chilly while you’re sitting in the chairs.

photo 8

Awesome suitcases and trunks.  You could probably even put the little suitcase in the bigger one, and the bigger one in the trunk, like nesting dolls or sharks.

photo 9

COORDINATES ON A BURLAP PILLOW!  She did the screen herself, and they also do cool things like making lotion bars, salt scrubs, pickling, she cooks all the time like an actual grownup.

photo 10

Pictures on aged wood held on with clothespins.

photo 11

photo 14

Their pillow looks all watercolory.

photo 15

photo 16

This is from when Sherlock Holmes came to visit.  Just kidding!!!  It’s always there, for when you need to see small things!

photo 17

Look closer.

photo 18

Closer, yet.


There we go!  This is is my very favorite part of their whole house.  Their pills are in little glass jars.  Showing off those bright colors, basically it’s a little medical art installation.

photo 19

They support local artists.  These are postcards that they framed, of their city!  Hipsteronia, or as the rest of the world knows it: Denton.

photo 20

photo 21

photo 22

They have one of those coffee hourglasses (they have a proper name, I’m sure), where you pour the hot water through and the coffee blooms and it does the drippy thing.

photo 23

photo 25

photo1 3

Look at their chill bed!  It’s made of wood!  Look at that blue contraption with wheels!  You could put a baby in there!

Their apartment is my favorite place in the world.  It’s like stepping into a cottage somewhere far away. It’s hard to believe that we’re made of the same genetic material.  I’m a writer, and she’s clearly a wizard.


A Geek’s Guide to Christian Behavior

This metaphor is going to take a while. Bear with me. Or don’t, really, it’s your choice.

Were the Borg and the Cybermen and the Skrull right? Actually… probably. Feelings, individuality, and free will can be serious hindrances for a society. Just look at how much crime results from feelings, individuality, and free will. But did they go around it the right way? Absolutely not!

That’s all to say, being right doesn’t matter if you’re a jerk about it.

No one looked at the Borg and thought, “Yeah, I gotta get me some of that!”

Let’s take a look at Data now. If we were to boil down his character in one sentence it would be that he wants to be human more than anything.

Wait, though. That’s not right. Not more than anything. If it were only about wanting to be human he would have done that all the way back in the first season, when Riker got the powers of the Q Continuum and offered.

If it were just about having emotions, he would have stuck in Lore’s emotion chip, even with the risk of becoming dangerous the way Lore did. The ends didn’t, couldn’t, justify the means, though.

As it shouldn’t. Don’t be the Borg. Be Data. Let your care for other people swallow up even the deepest desires of your heart. People will think you’re weird. That’s okay.

If you’re right and you’re a jerk about it, it doesn’t matter. It has no meaning, because people won’t listen. No one wants to hear that resistance is futile and they’ll be assimilated. Or that humanity is a disease and the only cure is more deathray. No one wants to hear that they need to be upgraded. But if you show them more care than is reasonable, if you’re genuine in your affections and interests, people will want to have what you have.

That’s the point of free will. If we were supposed to be automatons blindly following a leader we’d be… automatons blindly following a leader. Trying to convert people through force or threat or by being super insistent is antithetical to the very nature of your beliefs. There’s a reason we’re not still in the Garden of Eden, and that’s because we can make that choice. There’s a reason that our scariest villains (the aforementioned terrible three, and then there’s zombies, scary dystopian government, all the monsters under our collective subconscious beds) are villains that take away our choices and our identities. And that’s because it’s ingrained in us to make our own decisions. We dig in our heels when we’re told to do anything. Why would religion be any different than that?

Live long and prosper.  Allons-y!  Geronimo!  God bless.