My Garbage Hip and Me

I’m not complaining. I know a lot of people have it much worse than I do. But I figure that maybe if I talk about it, it’ll help me to be less grumpy as winter comes on and chews up my joints.

The ache in my hip is constant as a toothache.  When I sit down for too long, when I stand my hip will give out underneath me like a marionette with a cut string, and it hurts as sharp as spear.  On my x-ray, my right hip looks like a mountain range, jagged where it should be smooth.

It feels like that moment after an ice cream headache crests and starts getting a tiny bit better, if you paused it right at that second and had that feeling go on forever.  It feels like two hours after you have a charley horse and you’re still cramped.

Winter makes it worse.  Me not doing my physical therapy makes it worse.  Doing my physical therapy hurts, too. Staying on my feet makes it worse.  Staying sedentary makes it worse. Me thinking about it makes it worse. Me ignoring it makes it worse.  Maybe talking about it (without expecting solutions, really, guys, I have tried everything except robot legs so please  please don’t suggest anything, unless you actually have robot legs for me) will help.