This project has been on my heart for a while. As someone who struggles with anxiety, loneliness, and feelings of hopelessness, I want to put a little bit of light out in the world. Hence: #HopeRocks.

This is also hopefully going to help me with letting things go, as I plan to place these rocks in areas with foot traffic, so people can see them.

If you find these rocks… know that I earnestly mean every word. I do love you. I do believe in you. You matter. You’re special. You are dear to me.

Feel free to join the project, if you have rocks, paint, clear sealer, and time. If not, give me rocks! About the size of your fist or larger is ideal, though I can work with the teeny ones, too, with no problems.

Move the rocks somewhere new! Take and post pictures! But above all, spread hope, and know that I love you.

Also posted to Patreon.


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